12:00 AM, August 08, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 08, 2018

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2019 Suzuki Vitara-efficient engines for hot prospect

The last generation of the Vitara sold in Bangladesh was a handsome, square jawed SUV that had a surprising level of off-road ability. It was fairly well-built and had its merits, but it was a design from the early 2000s—having aged well, Suzuki didn't bother replacing it. Till now.

The new Vitara takes cues from more modern urban-lifestyle inspired SUVs, with a more rounded design and sleeker, funkier styling. Underneath the modern exterior lies a couple of brand new engines that should excite displacement concerned Bangladeshi buyers—1.0 litre and 1.4 litre Boosterjet turbo petrol 4-cylinder motors will mean lower tax brackets and a decent on-the-showroom price. Provided Suzuki brings it over, that is. The jury's still out on interior quality and driving dynamics though—two of the biggest factors keeping Suzuki slightly lagging behind other Japanese manufacturers at the moment.