Fostering creativity in your company | The Daily Star

While corporate jobs probably don't need their employees to be as creative as, say, a graphics designer at a digital agency, they do require some level of creativity. One of the major tasks in corporate jobs is problem solving, and being creative about it is almost always a good idea. Here are some little steps you can take to encourage your employees to be more creative in their day-to-day work.


Give your employees a little pat on the back whenever they figure out a new way to solve problems, or if they discover a way to get things done quicker. Encourage healthy competition because that gets the creative juices flowing.


Cross-functional teams always come up with innovative ideas. Debates and discussions among employees help them bring brand new, foolproof ideas to the table.


Tiredness is inversely proportional to creativity, so make sure your employees don't get burned out. Going to work should not feel like a chore to them, rather they should enjoy the work. Give them the right challenges, and reward them for it. But do not let them bite off more than they can chew.