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Top 5 Beauty & Lifestyle Apps

Apps- tiny little icons just a click away on our smartphones, we use them everyday for multifarious purposes! But, what if we told you the names of some apps that can play a major role to redefine your living? In every lifestyle-aspect you can think of, these apps might just influence your entire outlook! Here are the Top 5 apps that you a 100% need in your life if you're into all-things-Beauty. So ladies, be prepared to start downloading!



We could not possibly name beauty apps without mentioning Facetune, could we? If you're looking to present the best version of yourself to the world of social media, this app is for you! Facetune in one word is simply 'MAGIC!' Whether you want to smoothen out your skin, blur textures, hide imperfections, intensify your makeup and almost anything else you can think of, facetune will have your back to make your pictures look absolutely flawless! You can also adjust brightness/contrast, add filters and unlock a few more features through in-app purchases! We do recommend you not to depend on this app too much, use it to only edit to the point where you feel confident with your photos! After all, you're beautiful already, facetune is here only to give your confidence a little boost!

Facetune is a paid app that costs $3.99, available on both Appstore and Playstore (ad-free). Facetune 2 is completely free on Appstore, but lacks a few features.


Pinterest is EVERYTHING your lifestyle can ever need! What makes this app so special is that it can really help inspire you in terms of styling, cooking and a lot more! Whether you're looking for a specific trend, or a particular makeover- Pinterest will show you hundreds of pictures that'll provide you with exactly what you need to get inspiration from. You can look up for absolutely anything, and if a picture catches your eye, you can keep that saved in your own personalised 'boards'! For finding outfit-inspos and keeping up with latest trends, Pinterest is Kim K approved!

This app is absolutely free and available on both Appstore and Playstore.



If you're someone who can never figure out what to wear even though your wardrobe is jampacked with clothes, this is for you! Stylebook is basically a digital closet, where you can not only view all the clothing pieces that you own, but also get outfit ideas devised by this very genius app! At first, you'd have to take pictures of every piece that you own (time consuming, yes, but perfect if you want to reorganise your closet and get rid of unnecessary items!). Next, this app will generate a number of outfit options for you to choose from. Each option will include matching shoes, bags and even accessories from your collection, pretty impressive right?

Cladwell is an app similar to Stylebook where you don't have to take individual pictures of your clothes. Instead, you can select similar pieces within the app! Cladwell also has a feature where it suggests outfits depending on the current weather and allows you to plan what to wear prior to an event. It's up to your preference which one among the two apps you'd find more helpful. Stylebook costs $3.99 whereas Cladwell is completely free, both available only on Appstore.


While you might've heard about this app before for editing on makeup in photos, we strongly suggest you to not use it for that as the 'edited makeup' looks absolutely fake; no one wants that! Instead, there's an incredibly cool feature within it that pretty much goes unnoticed, which is, its 'Skincare Diary' option. Through this feature, the app will analyse your skin and present you with a data of the overall condition! Whether you have different textures, fine lines, acne scars,  wrinkles, dark circles- this app will show it all and what's even cooler is that it'll recommend skincare products depending on your skin-problems. After taking care of your skin a bit more, you can use it to analyse again and know the progress. Honestly, what a time for us to be alive!

This app is absolutely free and available on both Appstore and Playstore.



If you want to make changes for a healthier living, look no further than this incredible app called Lifesum. Here, you can find diet plans, keep track of nutritional and calorie intake, discover healthy and tasty recipes, keep record of your exercises and what not! It helps you to set and reach your weight loss goals while keeping track of your overall progress. It even gives you nutritional tips from time to time. No wonder it's called 'Lifesum'- it really does sum up your life!

This ingenious app is absolutely free and available on both Appstore and Playstore.

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