12:00 AM, August 25, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, August 25, 2018

Don't reduce interest rates on savings certificates

In recent weeks, a lot has been said and proposed to the effect that interest rates on savings certificates should be cut down. The rationale for this is that savings certificates are apparently being misused by a section of investors, corporate houses, entrepreneurs and individuals with a lot of black money and even by the public and private banks. Is the government machinery so weak or inefficient that they cannot detect these crimes? This may be the case unless, of course, those in charge are also in collusion with them. However, in the broader perspective, we also need to acknowledge the fact that a section of the low-and middle-income groups, pensioners and senior citizens are making their day-to-day living with the help of these certificates, which makes a strong case against any attempt to reduce the interest rates. I think the institutions and individuals responsible for the misuse of savings certificates should be brought to book in the greater interest of the nation.