Protesting tea workers halt Paharika Express demanding wage raise

Demonstrating tea workers today halted Paharika Express, which runs on Chattogram-Sylhet route, demanding a daily wage of Tk 300.

Around 4pm today (August 23, 2022), around 1,000 workers stopped the train, coming from Chattogram, in Rail Gate area of Moulvibazar's Kulaura upazila, reports our Moulvibazar correspondent.

The tea plantation workers are continuing their protest, disregarding their union leaders' agreement on the withdrawal of ongoing strike demanding pay hike.

On Sunday (August 21), the union leaders and Moulvibazar district administration signed an agreement that stated that the workers would withdraw strike until the prime minister resolves their issues in a meeting before Durga Puja.

However, workers of 131 tea estates rejected the agreement and protested yesterday (August 22, 2022), demanding Tk 300 daily wage instead of the current Tk 120 per day.

Workers of 167 tea estates across the country on August 9, 2022, enforced a two-hour work abstention from 9:00am to 11:00am daily demanding a pay hike.

After four days, they went on an indefinite work abstention.


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