Civil society needs enabling conditions to resolve human rights challenges: Bachelet

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Civil society needs "space, and enabling conditions" to play their crucial role in identifying and helping resolve human rights challenges, UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet said today (August 15, 2022).

She had "important exchanges" with a diverse range of civil society actors in the city, according to her office.

Bachelet is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday morning. She will make a statement on her four-day visit in the afternoon before her departure.

Bachelet had meetings with four ministers, including Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, yesterday.

The top executive of the UN Human Rights body will also interact with the forcibly displaced Rohingya people during her Cox's Bazar trip.

Through this visit, she would be equipped with concrete information to press hard for the repatriation of the Myanmar nationals to the ancestral homeland Rakhine, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bachelet arrived in Dhaka yesterday morning as Bangladesh continues "constructive dialogue" with her for the promotion and protection of human rights.


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