EC invites BNP to talks on nat’l polls

Fakhrul terms it meaningless
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The Election Commission yesterday invited the BNP to a views-exchange meeting to discuss the next national election, among other issues.

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal sent a demi-official letter to BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, saying the invitation was for its leaders as well as for those from its like-minded parties.

Election Commissioner Brig Gen (retd) Ahsan Habib Khan confirmed this to The Daily Star.

According to a top EC official, the CEC in the letter wrote that the commission thinks an official or unofficial discussion or a views-exchange meeting with the BNP can take place on the 12th parliamentary election.

If the BNP agrees, the date of the meeting can be fixed, read the letter.

Contacted last night, Fakhrul said talks with the incumbent EC over the next election is "meaningless".

"We opposed the formation of this Election Commission. So we don't think there is a necessity for holding talks with the commission."

The EC issued the letter at a time when the BNP and some other political parties have announced that they would not join the next parliamentary polls if held under the incumbent government.

The BNP and its like-minded political parties have been pressing for 10-point demand that includes formation of an impartial caretaker or interim government which would form a neutral EC to ensure a level-playing field for all parties.

The BNP and eight opposition political parties skipped the talks organised in July last year regarding the next general election. They said they don't believe the commission would be able to hold a free, fair, and participatory national election.

The BNP and several others parties also skipped another dialogue organised by the EC in June 2022 to discuss the use of EVMs.

Besides, the BNP late last year did not join President Abdul Hamid's initiative on formation of the Election Commission.


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