"AL won’t win even 10 seats if polls held under caretaker govt"

Says Fakhrul at the divisional rally in Khulna
Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, secretary general of the party, addressing the party's divisional rally at Shibbari intersection of Khulna city today (October 22, 2022). Photo: Habibur Rahman/Star

BNP today (October 22, 2022) said if the national election is held under a caretaker government, the ruling Awami League will not be able to get even 10 seats.

"The caretaker government was scrapped just to establish autocracy in the country," BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said while addressing the party's divisional rally at Sonali Bank intersection of Khulna city in the afternoon.

During the rally, one of the chairs on the stage was kept empty in honour of the party's chairperson Khaleda Zia.

Photo: Habibur Rahman/Star

Fakhrul said there will be no free and fair election without a caretaker government: "So, Sheikh Hasina must need to go."

He made the remark at the rally held today to denounce the price hikes of daily essentials and fuels, and condemn the deaths of BNP leaders and activists, who were killed during recent demonstrations. 

Photo: Habibur Rahman/Star

Narrating the incidents of attacks on BNP men, he said more than 500 have been arrested and thousands have been injured. The BNP leader sharply decried the government for turning the country into hell, plunging in corruption just to stay in power. 

Fakhrul paid his salute to his fellow BNP men, stating, "Although Khulna was isolated from the rest of the country, the way you (BNP men) made the rally successful is nothing but the struggle for restoring the democracy." 

"You have made the impossible to possible," he said. 

Photo: Habibur Rahman/Star

Fakhrul went on to ask the audience whether they accept the Election Commission. The audience said, "No, no. We don't accept them."

Portraying a "gloomy picture" of the country's economy, he alleged that the government has killed a lot by the time and now it's time to oust it from the office to save the country.

At this stage, Fakhrul sought permission from the audience to address them sitting on the chair saying he was feeling unwell.

Fakhrul further mentioned, "You (PM) said that Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food production then why you are apprehending of possible famine."

He also alleged that the ruling Awami League wants to stay in power scaring people.

He urged the young people to take the lead to free the country from the "clutches of the misdeeds and misrules of the government".

He said there is no other option left except waging movement. "And the fascist government will be ousted from the office through movement to establish people's government."

The BNP leader asked the ruling party to take safe exit. Otherwise, it will be ousted through mass upsurge and in that case, you would not find the escape route, he added.

While addressing the rally, BNP standing committee member Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain alleged that the ruling Awami League's history is the history of killing democracy.

Due to the massive corruption of the government, the country's economy is at stake, he added.

Mosharraf said prime Minister sheikh Hasina should answer why the load shedding returns from Museum.

"As you can't do anything, so please step down from the office," he called upon the government.

Party's standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy alleged that more than 200 party men were arrested centring the rally.

He thanked the party men for keeping patience and showing the strength to make the rallies successful defying all odds.

The BNP leader said that the war not against the police but against the government. Don't listen to the government's illogical orders and do not stand against people, he urges the law enforcement agencies.

Party's standing committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan said that the huge presence of the BNP leaders and activists at the rally proved that people do not fear of the ruling party.

Abdul Awal Mintoo said the movement has just started and it will come to an end ousting the government from the office.

Khulna city unit BNP convener Shafiqul Alam presided over the rally where local leaders of the party also addressed the rally.

Despite a transport strike, thousands of BNP leaders and activists gathered at the rally venue braving all difficulties on roads.


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