Sarah showed the way

VC of BSMMU, 6 others sign up for organ donation

Seven people, including Vice-Chancellor of   Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Prof Sharfuddin Ahmed,   have announced they would donate their organs after death, following in the footsteps of   Sarah Islam – the first cadaveric organ donor in the country.

They have officially signed up for this at a   reception yesterday for those involved in the first cadaveric organ transplant   process at the BSMMU.

After the event, Prof Sharfuddin and Shobnam   Sultana, mother of Sarah Islam, inaugurated the "Sarah Islam Cadaveric   Transplant Cell" at the hospital.

Presiding over the event, Sharfuddin said,   "Sarah has shown us how to defeat death and stay alive with honour even after   death. To me, she is a torch-bearer of humanity."

He also congratulated those involved in the   country's first cadaveric transplant, a surgical procedure by which multiple organs   of a brain dead donor are taken for transplant.

Of them, Prof Habibur Rahman Dulal and his   team successfully recovered the kidneys from Sarah and transplanted one of   those to Shamima Akter. Dr AKM Khurshidul Alam, a professor of urology at   BSMMU, transplanted the other kidney into another patient.

Meanwhile, Dr Mohammad Shish Rahman, a   professor of community ophthalmology, and Dr Rajoshree Das, an assistant   professor of ophthalmology science at the BSMMU, transferred each of Sarah's   eyes to Ferdaushi Akter and Mohammad Suzon.

Cadaveric donations may be of organs such as   the corneas, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas and more.

Twenty-year-old Sarah had consented to donate   her organs after death, an act which gave new life to four separate people in   the country's first successful transplants of organs from a brain-dead   patient on January 18.

The transplants took place at BSMMU,   National Kidney Foundation and Sandhani Eye Hospital.

Speaking at yesterday's event as the special   guest, Sarah's mother Shobnam said, "I don't think my daughter is dead. She   is alive among many people."

As one of the kidney   recipients, Shamima came onto the stage and Shobnam hugged her.

"I cannot express my feelings today,"   Shamima said, later urging people to opt for cadaveric transplant.

Speaking as the chief guest, Information   Minister Hasan Mahmud said, "This is an extra-ordinary initiative."

He announced that he would also donate his   organs as a cadaveric donor after consulting his physicians.

Pro-Vice Chancellor (academic) Prof Dr AKM   Mosarrof Hossain, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Development) Prof Dr   Moniruzzaman Khan, Proctor Prof Dr Habibur Rahman Dulal, and Freedom Fighter   Shahjahan were among those who signed up for cadaveric organ donation at   yesterday's event.     


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