Published on 04:55 PM, August 12, 2022

Bangladeshi people living in heaven amid global recession: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen. File photo

"The people of Bangladesh are in heaven compared to other countries amid the global recession," said Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen today (August 12, 2022).

A specific faction is spreading fear that Bangladesh will have a similar disaster as Sri Lanka, however, this is baseless, he told reporters after a view-exchange meeting on land acquisition for an expansion project of Sylhet Osmani International Airport, reports our Sylhet correspondent.

When asked if Switzerland would be requested for information about money launderers again, the minister replied that countries, where money is laundered, do not wish to exchange such information.

Earlier the finance ministry and Bangladesh Bank had sought information about 67 people and their money in Swiss banks. At that time, they gave information about only one person.

Although the information was sought several times, Switzerland, a friend of Bangladesh was urged not to provide misinformation, the minister said.