Eid holiday of Sundarbans forest employees cancelled

Photo: Collected

Forest Department has cancelled the Eid holiday of its staff, including the officials and rangers, working in the Sundarbans.

The department has also asked to intensify patrolling inside the Sundarbans, reports our Bagerhat correspondent.

Mohammad Belayet Hossain, divisional forest officer (DFO) of the Eastern Forest Department of the Sundarbans, said criminals always increase  their activities inside the Sundarbans on various events and festivals, including the Eids. 

Therefore, the forest department issues warnings for its staff of the Sundarbans ahead of the Eids, the official said. 

But this time, it cancelled Eid holiday of all the officials, rangers and other employees, he added. 

The surveillance has been beefed up to protect the wild life and nature of the Sundarbans, the forest officials mentioned.


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