Asian nations must join hands for better future

Says PM at Nikkei conference

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said the Asian countries must combine their forces to help address their common challenges for the betterment of future generations.

"The Asian countries have common development challenges and should face them collectively," she said in a video statement to the 27th International Nikkei Conference on Future of Asia in Tokyo.

Hasina said Bangladesh would always work with its friends and partners to ensure a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Asia.

She put forward five proposals, where the Asian countries can best cooperate for the benefit of the future generations.

These include cooperation on best use of ICT, safeguard fairness and justice, sustainable and balanced development and establishing win-win international relations.

The premier once again requested all to contribute and help finding an amicable settlement of the Rohingya crisis.

"We are hosting 1.1 million forcibly displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar. They must be sent back to their homeland in the Rakhine State of Myanmar in safety, security, and dignity," she said.

Stressing the role of Asia in the world, Hasina said it is imperative to ensure peace among conflicting countries by resolving differences through talks.

Referring to climate change, she mentioned that Bangladesh has been active and vocal on climate change action in all discourses, including at the recent COP26.

Highlighting Bangladesh's development in the last 13 years and its graduation to a developing nation, the PM said her government was taking steps for smooth transition after 2026.

In this connection, she requested all, especially Japan and other OECD countries, to extend the preferential facilities to Bangladesh at least until 2029 to help it attain the overarching goals of sustainable development by 2030.


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