FBI says will help ACC bring back money laundered to US, Canada

FBI says will help ACC bring back money laundered to US, Canada
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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will help the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in bringing back the money laundered to USA and Canada.

FBI officials said this at a three-day-long training on "Protecting Public Integrity: Investigating and Prosecuting Complex Corruption Cases" organised by the US Embassy to increase skill of the ACC investigators in dealing with money laundering.

Quoting the trainers, an ACC official who participated in the training programme, told the Daily Star, "They told us that ACC can form joint investigation team with the FBI in dealing with the complex graft cases."

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"In such case, FBI will help recover and freeze money laundered to USA and Canada illegally or via hundi and send related documents to ACC," he said.

"Upon the Mutual Legal Assistance Request, they will help ACC from there and send the information quickly," he added.

A total of 20 ACC investigators participated in the training that began on May 19.

FBI's Supervisory Special Agent John Pae and Shannon Bieniek; Principal Assistant Deputy Chief of Fraud Section of Department of Justice Mark Cipolletti, Trial Attorneys of Office of International Affairs of Criminal Division of Department of Justice Terry Eaton and Fred Sheffield and Officer of National Crime Agency of IACCC Simon Leigh conducted the training.