Sanctions on RAB: Decision to lodge case in US court expected this week

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Bangladesh could decide this week to lodge a case with a US court to fight that country's sanctions against Rab and seven of its current and former officials.

"We are very close to a decision to appoint a representative for speaking and fighting legally on our behalf," State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam told reporters at the foreign ministry yesterday.

He said the government spoke with three law firms and is expected to take a decision this week.

Shahriar said Dhaka will make both legal and diplomatic efforts to have the sanctions -- imposed in December last year over Rab's alleged human rights violations -- withdrawn.


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রোববার জাতীয় চা দিবসে ৮টি ক্যাটাগরিতে ৮ ব্যক্তি ও প্রতিষ্ঠানকে প্রথমবারের মতো ‘জাতীয় চা পুরস্কার ২০২৩’ দেওয়া হবে।