10 hurt as Rupsha hits Mitali’s engine in Nilphamari

At least 10 people were injured after the Khulna-bound Rupsha Express train hit the engine of the Mitali Express train at the outer signal of Chilahati Railway Station in Nilphamari this morning.

The two badly-damaged engines remained on the tracks halting rail communication on the route till noon, the time of filing of the report.

The Rupsha Express train left Chilahati Station around 8:40 am, 10 minutes late than the scheduled time, reports our local correspondent quoting passengers.

The accident took place after the train advanced around 600-700 metres from the station, according to Kanu Chandra Roy, 38, a teacher of Nilphamari Government Women College, also a passenger of the Rupsha Express train.

"Suddenly we heard a horrifying bang and most of the passengers were knocked down as there was heavy jerking. Most of the passengers sustained moderate to minor injuries," Kanu Chandra Roy added.

Another locomotive is on it's way to Chilahati from Parbatipur to bring Mitali Express to Dhaka, said a railway official.

Mentionable, Mitali Express came up to the Indian border using an Indian locomotive. Then, it was supposed to change the engine and a locomotive of Bangladesh railway is supposed to carry the train to Dhaka from the border.


৫০-১০০ বছর বয়সী ২ হাজার ৩৭৯টি গাছ কেটে সড়ক ‘উন্নয়ন’
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৫০-১০০ বছর বয়সী ২ হাজার ৩৭৯টি গাছ কেটে সড়ক ‘উন্নয়ন’

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