Momen’s comments “help” anti-India forces in Bangladesh: MEA sources

Foreign Minister Abdul Momen
Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen. File photo/Reuters

India has not so far officially reacted to Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen's latest controversial remarks. Almost the entire mainstream Indian print media has not reported his remarks, nor come out with any editorial comment on them so far.

However, sources in the Ministry of External Affairs said Momen's comments are equally "embarrassing" for India and help anti-India forces in Bangladesh, our New Delhi correspondent reports.

It is with great deal of efforts that India, along with cooperation from the Sheikh Hasina government, has been able to contain the anti-India forces over the years but the remarks do not help such efforts.

A former Indian high commissioner to Dhaka, who requested anonymity, said: "I don't know what to say on Mr Momen's remarks. But Bangladesh is a sovereign country and it is the people of that country who will elect the government. What role does India have in this?"

The dominant feeling among Bangladesh watchers in some leading think-tanks of India is that Momen's comments are "ridiculous and more embarrassing for India than possibly Bangladesh."

India, they opine, has never believed in interfering in the internal affairs of any country including in its neighbourhood but Momen's remarks point to just the opposite.


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