New Age editor, publisher, journo reprimanded

The International Crimes Tribunal yesterday reprimanded the editor, publisher and a journalist of the daily New Age and issued a serious caution against them for publishing a 'highly contemptuous' article in October last year.
The article with a headline 'A crucial period for International Crimes Tribunal' written by David Bergman, editor of special reports, was published in the newspaper's OP-ED section on October 2, 2011.
“A few paragraphs of the article are not only unwarranted but also highly contemptuous, and offences of contempt have been established due to its publication”, the court observed while delivering verdict on a contempt of court case.
The tribunal, however, exonerated New Age Editor Nurul Kabir, its Publisher ASM Shahidullah Khan, and journalist David Bergman, saying that they have to be more cautious while writing and publishing articles on the proceedings of the tribunal in future.
The judges said they had exonerated Kabir and Bergman considering their earlier works in favour of the war crimes trial and also cleared ASM Shahidullah Khan as he was not in the country when the article was published.
The tribunal comprising its Chairman Justice Md Nizamul Huq, Justice ATM Fazle Kabir and AKM Zahir Ahmed announced the verdict over forty minutes. Kabir, Shahidullah and Bergman were present in the courtroom.
It observed that Kabir has defended himself but expressed a 'hot sentiment' during arguments before it.
The court said the editor, publisher and reporters should consider the understanding of the general people about the law before writing, editing and publishing any article on the proceedings of the tribunal.
Barrister Mustafizur Rahman Khan appeared for Shahidullah Khan and David Bergman.


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