Bangladesh's climate negotiation contradictory

Say speakers

The role of Bangladesh delegation in climate negotiation in Cancun was contradictory as they legitimised World Bank to manage US 100 billion dollars for the Global Green Fund, said speakers at a press conference yesterday.
They also felt that the Cancun agreement will worsen the on-going climate injustice, says a press release.
Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (Equity BD) held the press conference at the National Press Club in the city yesterday.
Chief moderator of Equity BD Rezaul Karim Choudhury said though the government delegates categorically opposed any kind of role of World Bank prior to Cancun but they did not oppose it rather legitimises WB.
The Cancun agreement overlooked the IPCC fourth report, which has already mentioned about the dangerous consequences of keeping temperature more than 1.5 Celsius of 1990 level, he said.


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