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Rohingya crisis: The other face of today’s humanity


Looking at the fleeing Rohingyas today – young, old and new born, men and women – all trying to escape a murderous Myanmar army, one may wonder if we have come away from the age of Halagu Khan and his atrocities. The brutality that the Myanmar junta and its Buddhist supporters showed can only match that of Khan and what he inflicted during his siege of Baghdad in 1257. His victims look no different from what we see in the Rohingyas.

Today, in a world we boast of being complete with compassion, empathy and advancements, a pair of twins, barely days old and fleeing for their lives, confront and compel us to reflect on all the things we behold as achievements and progress in humanity. A fleeting mass of people we name as Rohingyas who made desperate attempts to scurry for refuge with stories of mass persecution, torture, rape and arson shake us back to the reality of a world we thought was long left behind.

This is a full coverage of what we have so far written and documented on the Rohingya persecution. 

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Rohingya Crisis

Stranded in No-man's Land: India takes back 31 Rohingyas

After a five-day impasse, the Indian Border Security Force yesterday took back 31 stranded Rohingyas from the no-man's land near the Kaziatali border along Brahmanbaria's Kasba upazila and Tripura's Sipahijala district.

  • Minister to brief diplomats on Rohingya repatriation today

    Foreign Minister A H Mahmood Ali will brief diplomats on the current situation of the Rohingya repatriation, the ministry sources said.

  • Rohingya Persecution: Pence issues sharp rebuke to Suu Kyi

    US Vice President Mike Pence yesterday expressed the Trump administration's strongest condemnation yet of Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya Muslims, telling leader Aung San Suu Kyi that "persecution" by her country's army was "without excuse".

  • 150 Rohingyas to return today

    The first batch of Rohingyas is all set to be sent back to Myanmar today amid reports that many of the refugees listed for return are hiding in fear of forcible repatriation.

  • Myanmar Refugees Repatriation

    Rohingya return starts tomorrow

    Bangladesh and Myanmar are set to begin the long-awaited repatriation of Rohingyas tomorrow. In the first batch, 2,260 refugees are expected to go home.

  • Myanmar Rohingya repatriation

    Continue pressure on Myanmar for safe Rohingya repatriation

    Bangladesh has reiterated its call for sustained international pressure on Myanmar for safe and dignified repatriation of Rohingya refugees who took shelter in Bangladesh to flee persecution in their home country.

  • Myanmar Rohingya repatriation

    Halt plan for repatriation

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has urged Dhaka to halt plans for the repatriation of 2,260 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, warning that the returns would be in violation of international law putting their lives and freedom at serious risk.

  • 'Forced repatriation' to pose security risk

    The International Crisis Group has warned of serious security risks of “forced repatriation” of the Rohingya, just as Myanmar and Bangladesh prepare for the November 15 return of the refugees sheltered in Bangladesh.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi stripped Amnesty International award

    Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty honour

    The Amnesty International has stripped Aung San Suu Kyi of its highest honour, the latest of several honours taken away from her since last year's brutal military crackdown on the Rohingyas.

  • Rohingya repatriation should be voluntary, dignified: US

    US Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (Africa and Asia) Richard Albrighton says the repatriation of Rohingyas should be safe, dignified and voluntary.

  • Rohingya refugees

    'Can't eat, can't sleep': Rohingya on Myanmar repatriation list

    For Nurul Amin, a Rohingya Muslim living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, the days since learning he and his family were among a group of people set to potentially be repatriated to Myanmar have been among the most frightening since they fled their home.