Fiat x1/9 restoration timeline

8 years in a family garage. In humid Bangladesh. Don't forget mice. This is looking surprisingly well. But the surprises come during strip down. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
Yep, one sad Mustang with very little hope of a rebirth. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
You think the anemic original engine will run? Yep, as much chance of the Titanic rising. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
Washed and looking slightly less worse than it initially seemed. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
At MotorWerks. Engine is now running. Car is stripped and scraped of messed up paint and rust. Interior is partially opened up as door panels are removed. Rusted parts are being replaced, windscreen is off, and roof is also stored somewhere. A new front lip is done and is being attached. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
A new engine is in. 4EFTE. Toyota reliability and small turbo efficiency. All the good thing. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
More patchwork. Stickers won't help here.
Nearly stripped, nearly ready for the first step of rustproofing: primer Photo: Akbar A Sattar
You can't get to all the flaws in old cars unless you're down to bare metal. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
While being stripped, this showed up. Original lemon green car. Belonged to Green Lantern when he wasn't busy fighting interstellar aliens hellbent on destroying earth. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
Finally primer is on to protect all that unprotected metal. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
Finally, all that yellow happiness is on the car. It's going to be a duck. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
Engine bay detailing still needs attention. Did someone say blow-off valve? Photo: Akbar A Sattar
A little black rattle can paint some plastidip balances out the heavy dose of yellow. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
Test fitting some righteous rims. Restomod is restoration with some modification, duh. And you need the right kind of rims that have a classic flair without screaming modern sci-fi. That's balance. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
All the engine bits ready and running. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
You can't have a fully functioning car without an interior. Here's the re-upholstered seats. Photo: Akbar A Sattar
It's a mid engine layout. And behind the engine is the trunk space where you put your luggage to keep it warm and toasty. Photo: Ehsanur Raza Ronny