Today's Gallery (2022.11.25)

Two workers readying different species of sea fish for drying in the sun at Kuakata beach in Patuakhali. Prices of the shutki (dried fish) vary according to size and species. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Habibur Rahman
OH, WISE ONE … A collared scops owl, locally known as “konthinim pecha”, glares at the camera lens. The birds are resident breeders in South Asia. With its nocturnal lifestyle and distinct appearance, the owl has its connections to many a legend and folklore. In Greek mythology, the goddess Athene was thought to symbolise wisdom and was often depicted with an owl nearby -- inspired by the bird’s big eyes and solemn appearance. The collared scops is also known as the “king of camouflage” for how beautifully it can blend amidst the branches and become indistinguishable against any brown background. While the bird has been listed in the IUCN’s “least concern” category, it still faces the threat of habitat loss due to widespread deforestation. Photo: ARIF AHMED
Bricks occupy a large area of an agricultural land in Sylhet’s Companiganj. Repeated requests from the government and the prime minister to stop building brickfields on farmlands seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as some people continue to do so and the authorities concerned remain oblivious. PHOTO: ANISUR RAHMAN