Today's Gallery (2022.11.10)

A young man is also seen doing the same. Pedestrians taking risks while crossing this busy thoroughfare, as well as others in the city, ignoring the safe option is a common sight. The photo was taken on Tuesday. Photo: Rashed Shumon
A woman squeezing her way through a gap in the central reservation at the Mohakhali intersection in the capital. To do so she has to duck beneath a DMP sign urging people to use the nearby footbridge. Photo: Rashed Shumon
People from low-income groups jostle in front of a TCB truck in the capital’s Mohammadpur bus stand area to grab hold of rice and flour at subsidised prices yesterday. With prices of flour and wheat soaring, more and more people are turning to TCB’s open market sale for some financial relief. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS
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