Today's Gallery (2022.09.16)

Farmers clearing hydrophytes and preparing their land for cultivation in Barishal Sadar upazila yesterday. Relentless heavy rain had destroyed their Aman seedlings there. Photo: Titu Das
PESKY PLASTICS … A monkey is seen chewing on plastic bottles discarded by tourists in the Sundarbans. The dire consequences of plastic pollution in the ocean are well known, but it can be dangerous to land-based animals as well. They may suffer from various forms of entanglements as well as accidental consumption. The pesky substance can pierce animal organs and also can cause intestinal blockage, resulting in death. Bits of plastics packed in the stomach also reduce their urge to eat, leading to starvation. Human intervention on unprotected wild lands can increase the probability of plastic pollution, putting all the inhabitants at risk. Many land-based animals such as elephants, tigers and cattle die across the world due to accidental plastic consumption. With the planet already suffering from an environmental health crisis, can we really afford to lose our wildlife to an act as mindless as pollution? Photo: Adnan Asif
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her younger sister Sheikh Rehana after reaching London on a chartered flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines yesterday. The premier is scheduled to attend a reception hosted by King Charles III at Buckingham Palace. Photo: PID
Wading through knee-deep water, SSC examinees struggle to reach their centre at Boyra Haji Foyez Uddin Girls High School in Khulna city yesterday -- the first day of the exams. Downpour throughout the night before has inundated different parts of the city, causing city dwellers to suffer. Photo: Habibur Rahman