Today's Gallery (2022.07.29)

BRIDGE OF BOATS... Locals crossing a part of the canal in the capital’s Rampura by stepping across four boats lined together. As the adjacent bamboo bridge is broken, locals have managed for boats to be moored there so that they can cross the canal. The toll for passage is Tk 2 per person. The photo was taken on Wednesday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Using a raft, two people crossing the Purba Dhaniram canal in Kurigram’s Phulbari on Wednesday. Photo: S Dilip Roy
The bridge built over the canal collapsed on August 22, 2018, before its inauguration. People of seven villages in Barobhita union are affected. Photo: S Dilip Roy
GRACE IN THE FACE OF DESPAIR: The sunny smile on tiny Abdullah’s face belies the dark reality of his existence. Bonna, the four-year-old’s mother, lies motionless in the background on this foot overbridge in the capital’s Farmgate. They have been spotted spending days and nights here for at least the last three months, surviving on the sporadic offers of food and water from pedestrians. Abdullah has been by his mother’s side throughout, even as she lay nearly lifeless for much of the last month. Md Sohel, the man seen offering him water in the photo, has a shop on the bridge and regularly checks up on the little boy, who often urges Sohel to give his mother some water too. Having witnessed the destitution of the small child and his mother, locals sent Bonna to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for treatment yesterday evening. Abdullah went with his mother and, according to locals, is currently under the care of a woman they appointed to look after him. Photo: Anisur Rahman
NOT ON MY TURF! ... A black drongo chases away a white-throated kingfisher from its territory while the latter was trying to hunt. Drongos are generally territorial and aggressive birds and can even take on birds larger than themselves if they feel threatened. Kingfishers, on the other hand, can go far and wide in their quest for fish, and might raid other territories for a good meal. The photo was taken in Bogura’s Sonatala upazila. PHOTO: MOSTAFA SHABUJ