Today's Gallery (2022.07.01)

Fishing boats lie at anchor on Chila canal near the Sundarbans, as a 65-day fishing ban has been in force since May 20 to ensure smooth breeding of fish. Meanwhile, the fishermen of the area have been on the hunt for other jobs to feed their families. The photo was taken on Wednesday. Photo: Habibur Rahman
THE GENTLE GIBBON: A male Hoolock Gibbon hangs merrily from a tree branch in the Rajkandi Protected Forest in Moulvibazar. According to wildlife researchers, even four decades ago, there were at least 3,000 of these animals scattered across forests in the country. However, due to destruction of habitats, their number has declined to just a few hundred. The animals usually feast on small insects, fruits, flowers and bird eggs, and are usually distinguished by the white stripes above their eyes. They prefer to stay in groups with no more than five members.