Today's Gallery (2022.05.19)

Motorcyclists riding their vehicles on a sidewalk in the capital’s Bangla Motor area yesterday, leaving little room for the pedestrians who are actually supposed to be using the space. This disregard for the safety of pedestrians is a common sight whenever there are traffic jams in the capital. Photo: Prabir Das
A SPRINKLE OF RELIEF... A rickshawpuller splashing water on his face to get some respite from the searing heat and high humidity. In such harsh conditions, those who earn their livelihood through manual labour suffer the most. The photo was taken in the capital’s Shahbagh yesterday afternoon. Photo: Prabir Das
People gathered at a slum burnt to ashes in Chattogram EPZ’s Kalshi Dighirpara area yesterday. The blaze was suspected to have started from a house around 11:00am and around 11 firefighting units were needed to douse it. At least one person was reported to have died in the incident and 66 establishments, including shops and houses, were razed to the ground. PHOTO: RAJIB RAIHAN