Today's Gallery (2022.03.10)

Rima Begum squeezing oil out into an empty paint bucket from a foam attached to the end of a stick. Every day she uses the foam to soak up 3-4 litres of oil from the bottom of drums to collect in her bucket, and sells it for Tk 100 per litre. The photo was taken from Kalibari Ghat area of Khulna town on Tuesday. Photo: Habibur Rahman
An SUV, apparently belonging to the government, goes against heavy traffic on a street near Khamar Bari in the capital yesterday. The street has already become significantly narrow there due to the construction work of metro rail. Photo: Prabir Das
As soon as the first light hits the horizon, coal collectors of Sunamganj make their way to Tahirpur upazila’s Jadukata river. They sift out coal from sand sediments in the water using small box nets and sell them to designated contractors. Of the 20,000 labourers engaged in this profession, most are women. They are often accompanied by their 11-14-year-olds, who aid their mothers in their backbreaking work and contribute to their families’ survival. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
It’s been two weeks since DPDC authorities dug up a huge section of the busy Love Road for installing high voltage cables. As the work progresses in the authorities’ own time, the greatest sufferers are commuters, since traffic congestion has significantly increased and pedestrian movement has become extremely dangerous. This photo was taken yesterday in Tejgaon Industrial Area. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Garbage being burnt on open roads is quite a common scene in the capital. This occurs as collectors try to reduce the amount of waste they need to load on the truck, before it’s sent to the dumping ground. As discarded wastes are typically unsorted, fumes from plastic and organic wastes exacerbate the city’s air pollution. This photo was taken recently in Dhaka University area near TSC. Photo: Prabir Das