Today's Gallery (2022.02.14)

A DAY FOR FLOWERS ... A girl smelling the flowers at a shop in the capital’s Shahbagh, known as the city’s floral hub, yesterday. As Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day are being celebrated together today, flowers are the most in-demand item for the day -- whether given as a token of love or worn in the hair to greet spring. Photo: Rashed Shumon
The sign says, “Save me. I can’t breathe. Polythene is choking my roots.” Yet, the bottom of the tree and the bank of the Mayur river at Gallamari in Khulna city are littered with plastic, polythene and other waste. The pleas of environmentalists often fall on deaf ears. The photo was taken on Saturday. Photo: Habibur Rahman
A winding queue of school students at MA Aziz Stadium in Chattogram city as the authorities inoculated them against the coronavirus with the second dose of the vaccine yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan
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