Today's Gallery (2021.09.11)

Showing complete disregard for health safety rules, guardians crowd the road in front of the main entrance to the city’s Tejgaon College as admission seekers come out after taking the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) entrance exam yesterday. The test, delayed due to the pandemic, was held across the country. Photo: Prabir Das
Part of the old iron Bailey Bridge in the capital’s Aminbazar has collapsed into the river. Locals have alleged that the collapse occurred after a sand-laden trawler hit one of its pillars. There are other such collapsed structures around the bridge, and those could lead to further accidents if not cleared soon. Photo:Prabir Das
At Tejgaon Industrial Area, a portion of the road near Re-Rolling Mills Bot Tola has been dug up to facilitate DNCC’s sewage development works. But with no barricades or tapes in place, the spot carries enormous potential for accidents, which was only made worse by the last few days’ rainfall. This photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman