Today's Gallery (23.05.2015)

In what is a usual occurrence, a boat overcrowded with passengers travel on the Jamuna River in Gaibandha yesterday at a great risk of sinking at any moment. Photo: Banglar Chokh
The existence of this canal in Banasri, which meets the Balu river and serves as a major drainage outlet of the capital, is threatened due to a host of reasons. Both the canal and the river are being polluted with sewerage water at different points with Dhaka Wasa failing to take care of 80 percent of the sewerage network, while garbage is dumped into it indiscriminately clogging the channel. On top of that, more than a dozen rickety bamboo bridges have been erected filling earth on both sides, which is gradually reducing its width, and some of the structures have been abandoned after they collapsed, causing further obstructions in free flow of water. The photos were taken Friday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Large skips are placed on the busy Rokeya Sarani in the capital's Taltala area, obstructing traffic and spreading a stench in the area. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon
An Indian man walks across a dried-up pond on the outskirts of eastern Bhubaneswar, yesterday. Photo: AFP
Indian children play on a summer day along with a herd of buffaloes in Jammu. Temperatures have risen over 40 degrees Celsius in northern Indian states as summer reaches its heights before the monsoon arrives. Photo: AFP
Hundreds of cages have been set up by fishermen and local youths for farming Telapia fish off both banks of the Dakatia River in Chandpur, however, the practice draws criticism from water transport owners who complain of disruptions in plying of vessels on the river. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Despite presence of numerous conference halls in the capital, the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) builds an arena taking up about three quarters of a busy road near Shapla Chattar in the capital's Motijheel for its election to an executive body today. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Workers of Karwan Bazar wholesale market take a nap on the floor yesterday afternoon as they try to deal with the sweltering heat. The temperature was recorded at 36 degrees Celsius in Dhaka yesterday, the highest of the week. There is no good news about the heat cooling down anytime soon. The Met office says the sultry weather will continue until there is rain. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Supporters for same-sex marriage raise a cheer at Dublin Castle as they wait for the result of the referendum, yesterday. Ireland was expected to approve same-sex marriage in the vote. Same-sex marriage is currently legal in 19 countries worldwide. Photo: AFP
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