Today's Gallery (21.06.2015)

Authorities have set up iron poles in the middle of the footpath to prevent motorcyclists from using it but to no avail. Despite numerous stories and photos published in the media and a High Court ban, some inconsiderate motorcyclists keep using the footpath endangering pedestrians. The photo was taken in Ramna of the capital yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain
Encroachment and pollution are slowly destroying the Karatoa river, by narrowing it from both banks, blocking its natural flow, and poisoning the water. Against the backdrop, the High Court yesterday ordered the authorities to immediately stop dumping of waste into the river and to take necessary steps to protect it from encroachment. The photo was taken near Bogra town recently. Photo: Mamun-ur-Rashid
A picture taken yesterday in Ventimiglia near the Italian-French border post, shows the makeshift camp set up by a group of migrants that has been denied entry into France. Italy warned that EU solidarity is at stake if the 28-nation bloc fails to reach a deal on sharing the burden of the Mediterranean migrant crisis. Photo: AFP
Turkish police officers arrest protesters in front of the Education ministry in Ankara yesterday as students demonstrate against the complex exams system. Photo: AFP
Unable to get into an overcrowded double-decker, commuters travel on its bumper risking their lives. The photo was taken in Farmgate area of the capital yesterday afternoon. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Furnace oil from wagons of a derailed train spreads into a canal in Khitabchar area of Chittagong's Boalkhali upazila yesterday. Three oil wagons fell into the canal as a bridge collapsed on Friday. Photo: Anurup Kanti Das
Oil flowing into the Karnaphuli river through the canal in Shakpura, and an oil-soaked prawn (bottom). Photo: Anurup Kanti Das
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