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Today's Gallery (2017.11.14)

unsafe transport

An auto-rickshaw carries a gas cylinder with its mouth exposed in Chittagong city's Agrabad area yesterday. The unsafe transport of such objects may not only cause minor accidents, in the case of a collision with another vehicle, it may also cause an explosion increasing casualties. Photo: Prabir Das

right anticipation

Most people frequenting Indira Road near Farmgate were delighted when the road and its sidewalk were cleared during the annual conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in the capital. Photo: Rashed Shumon

right anticipation

However, not too many of them could say that they believed it would stay this way for long. The photo, taken only a week later, proves their anticipation was right. Photo: Rashed Shumon

Rajshahi-Dhaka highway

The absence of a proper drainage system and routine maintenance has taken a toll on nearly a three-kilometre stretch of Rajshahi-Dhaka highway from the railway station in Rajshahi city. The vital road has been in this state for several years. The photo was taken on Sunday. Photo: Anisur Rahman