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Today's Gallery (2017.11.0)

The Tilting Truck

This truck with its oversized cargo started tilting due to uneven load and eventually broke down on Airport Road near Hotel Radisson Blu late Friday night. Fortunately, it did not tip over. No driver or helper was found with the vehicle left at a curve. The photo was taken yesterday afternoon. Photo: Rashed Shumon

foot bridge

It looks like the concrete blocks are left on this foot bridge over the Kamalapur Railway Station for people to trip over. But they are actually protecting pedestrians from going through the gaping holes in the rusty floor on the eastern side of the bridge. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq

foot bridge

The lone foot bridge in the station's vicinity remains busy throughout the day. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq

collapsed bridge

This bridge was small but important. It was the most suitable alternative route between Sreepur upazila headquarters and Barmi bazaar in Gazipur. Since the main 12km Sreepur-Barmi road was badly damaged, it has been abandoned for the last few months. The collapse of this bridge on Gosinga-Barmi road not only would force people to make a detour of 12-15km, but the locals have also lost a direct link to the newly-built Bir Muktijoddha Rahmat Ali Setu connecting Sreepur with Kapasia and Kishoreganj. Moreover, residents of two unions of Kapasia and one of Sreepur would face difficulties travelling to Dhaka because they used to take this route for coming to Sreepur first and then to Dhaka. The bridge across Kuriadi canal crumbled yesterday noon. Photo: Abu Bakr Siddique