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Today's Gallery (2017.10.31)

hint of winter

Fog descends over Tejgaon and Agargaon areas in the capital. The touch of an early winter comes as a respite for citizens caught between heat and rain with many eagerly awaiting the misty mornings. The photo was taken around noon yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon

local fishermen

A fisherman is on his way back home with his net and some fish near a beel in Rajashan of Savar yesterday. Local fishermen say they now hardly get any fish in the beel as the quality of water continues to deteriorate with the falling water level. Unabated dumping of garbage and waste from nearby factories has made things worse. Photo: Palash Khan


A Chakma woman tying a banknote to a tree as part of "Trichibardan" celebrations at Noapara Mahajan Rauoli Buddhist Temple in Khagrachhari's Dighinala on Sunday. The word “chibardan” means donation of robes worn by Buddhist monks. The festival is held there every year and local Chakma people donate various things, including money, to the temple. Photo: Saikat Dewan