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Today's Gallery (2017.08.12)


It's a football match on the footsteps of the Central Shaheed Minar! There is apparently no effective mechanism in place to bar visitors from violating the solemnity of such a memorial for the nation's language martyrs. The authorities completed their duty by placing several signs forbidding littering and the use of shoes there. It is time such memorials of national importance are protected and maintained by one powerful national authority. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan


With continued onrush of floodwater from upstream, the Surma is flowing above the danger mark and the Cholti, Patli and Jadukata rivers are also swelling. The rising water levels have flooded areas in Duarabazaar, Tahirpur, Jamalganj and Biswamvarpur of Sunamganj district. The photo was taken at Anwarpur of Tahirpur upazila yesterday. Photo: Star


Water lilies not just brighten any liquid landscape, for many it's a means of survival. They grow in abundance in water bodies during monsoon. People collect and sell these beautiful aquatic plants, a popular vegetable item, in bundles of 10 to 15 stems. The photo was taken in the capital's Uttara Sector-5 on Thursday. Photo: Prabir Das