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TODAY'S GALLERY (2017.07.17)

the rangamati-khagracchari link road opened

The Rangamati-Khagrachhari link road opened only to light vehicles yesterday, more than a month after a landslide left it badly damaged. However, it's not clear when the road will be ready for heavy vehicles again. Photo: Anvil Chakma


City dwellers had a bad start to the week yesterday with tailbacks on many streets. The situation during the weekend was not rosy either as VIP movements caused traffic jams. The photo was taken at Shahbagh in the afternoon. Photo: Prabir Das

"all for the sundarbans"

Wearing masks symbolising the Sundarbans' animals, people under the banner, “All for the Sundarbans” hold a rally in front of the capital's Jatiya Press Club yesterday. The rally demanded that the construction work of the Rampal power plant project be stopped. Photo: Star