Today's Gallery (12.05.2015)

A part of the road in Bijoynagar area of the capital collapsed after yesterday's rainfall, with piling works for an under-construction building going on right beside it. The incident left residents in the nearby buildings fearful of further collapses. Photo: Star
Left-leaning student bodies under the banner of Progotoshil Chhatra Jote and Samrajyabad Birodhi Chhatra Oikya bring out a torch procession on Dhaka University campus last evening, voicing strong condemnation of the police beating of demonstrators of Bangladesh Chhatra Union the day before. Demanding arrest of the Pahela Baiskhakh molesters, the protesters were heading to besiege the headquarters of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police and encountered the cops near Dhaka Officers Club. Photo: Star
A wooden frame warns of a hole among the numerous craters lurking under puddles crisscrossed by mounds of earth and roads streaked with mud following the rains near the capital's Rajarbagh Police Lines resulting from the construction work of the Mouchak-Moghbazar flyover. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
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