Today's Gallery (01.04.2015)

Grabbers closing in on a dying Nayanjuri Khal which in its yester years flowed with an average width of about 200-250 feet connecting the Bongshi and Turag rivers through Kaichabari, Baipail, Gazirchot, Zamgora and Yearpur union in Ashulia. In other sections, multi-storey buildings encroach on the canal, which the administration says is a recurrence following their drive last year and that they plan to recover the canal soon. The photo was taken at Baipail in Ashulia yesterday. Photo: Rashad Ahamad
Nilufa, a Phantom Apparels Limited worker who survived the Rana Plaza collapse but lost use of one leg and has been left partially paralysed, addresses a human chain organised by Rana Plaza Garment Workers Trade Union Centre near the site beside the Dhaka-Aricha highway in Savar yesterday demanding compensation for the victims, that the victims' families be rehabilitated, the missing be declared dead, and ensuring the arrest of those responsible. The April 24, 2013 incident left 1,136 people dead and hundreds of others injured. Photo: Star
These logs of a large tree have remained on the footpath in front Curzon Hall of Dhaka University for more than three months, hampering pedestrians' movement. The photo was taken on Monday. Photo: Star
A combination of white and red is a quick reminder that Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bangla New Year and Banglaees' largest cultural festival, is around the corner. With people from all walks of life preparing to celebrate it on April 14, small traders get their occasional businesses rolling, like the man here on the capital's Gulshan Avenue, who is trying to sell a children's sari to a rickshaw-puller yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan