Cannes Film Festival: a look back at some of the most spectacular red-carpet moments

As it goes every year, Elena Lenina didn’t go unnoticed at the 67th Cannes Film Festival, wearing a necklace of extra-large proportions. Photo: AFP
Actress Fan Bingbing wore a spectacular gown decorated with a train and traditional motifs. Photo: AFP
At the 63rd Festival, in 2010, burlesque actress Julie Atlas Muz opted for a practically transparent dress that revealed her derriere to the public. Photo: AFP
In 2009, Quentin Tarrantino and Mélanie Laurent didn’t stand out due to their outfits but rather because of the improvised dance they performed for a few minutes in front of the gathered crowd. Photo: AFP
Activist artist Sara Forestier wore a white dress adorned with actual firearms back in 2007. This was her way of denouncing their proliferation and calling attention to the issue. Photo: AFP
Victoria Abril has a habit of wearing eccentric outfits for her annual walk up the steps. At the 50th festival she showed up wearing nothing but hot pants and an extremely short, open-backed dress. Photo: AFP
Darth Vader stole the show right from under the biggest Hollywood stars back in 2005 when “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” screened in Cannes. Photo: AFP
Eva Longoria left a lasting impression in this magnificent gown decorated with an extra-long train of feathers. Photo: AFP
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