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[WATCH] Pakistan lying about 1971 genocide

How can Pakistan deny that it did not commit any genocide in 1971? The worldwide condemnations against such genocide and the historic evidences which remain tell us that Pakistan is lying about its heinous act
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan on November 30 summoned the acting Bangladesh High-Commissioner in Pakistan and denied the allegation of genocide saying, “Pakistan also rejected insinuation of complicity in committing crimes or war atrocities. Nothing could be further from the truth.” 

Bodies of Bangalee victims of Pakistan's brutality are seen in this undated photo of 1971. Not even an infant could escape this viciousness. Photo: Raghu Rai / Magnum Photos
But, as a matter of fact, the whole world knows about the nine months of massacre that the then West Pakistan forces carried out in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) 44 years back. 
Mukti Bahini members in a Pakistani military camp during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Photo:Abbas/ Magnum Photos
With the help of their collaborators - Razakar, al-Badr, and al-Shams, the Pakistan forces ended up killing around 30,00,000 people, the only instance of killing so many people within such a small duration. 
Over 200,000 women also became victims of systematic rape carried out by the Pakistan forces. Thousands of houses were looted and burnt down, villages were devastated. More than 10 million people took refuge in neighbouring India to save their lives.
Skeleton of a Bangalee executed by the Bihari militia who supported the Pakistani forces during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. Photo: Abbas/ Magnum Photos
The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas, Massacre by Robert Payne, and Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape by Susan Brownmiller are among the first documentations by foreigners of the systematic genocide against Bangladesh in 1971. The 1971 genocide ranks as one of the most brutal genocides of the 20th century, alongside the Jewish Holocaust in Nazi Germany, the Holocaust of Soviet POWs by the German army in World War II, and the Rwandan genocide.
According to the Archer Kent Blood, the then US Consul General in East Pakistan, Pakistan Army men killed more than 6,000 people in Dhaka after issuing a curfew in an operation code-named “Operation Search Light” on March 25, 1971 at midnight. 
Skeletons of atrocity victims found after the liberation, in a field near Dacca. Wells and pits were filled with skeletons at Shialbari near Mirpur on the outskirts of Dhaka. There are pits full and scattered bodies all over this wild area, around the ruins of burned out villages. Photo: Marilyn Silverstone/ Magnum Photos
GW Choudhury, then a minister in Pakistan President Yahya Khan’s cabinet, wrote that the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 began from the night of March 25 in his book The Last Days of United Pakistan (UPL, 1993).
The diary logs of Major General Rao Farman Ali, who led the massacre on March 25, 1971 in Dhaka, included a list of the names of Dhaka University teachers, many of which were checkmarked to be executed.
Although Farman Ali denied the accusations and blamed it on another Pakistan Army official General Jamshed. It was later known that General Jamshed co-ordinated the Razakars, while Farman Ali did the same with the al-Badr forces. 
Bodies of some of the Bengali intellectuals taken away on the 14th December 1971 by Al-Badr fanatical group, which had just been discovered and identified, including 7 professors of the Dacca University. Another 10 bodies were still awaiting identification most of them were garotted. Photo: Marilyn Silverstone/ Magnum Photos
Archer K Blood protested against the genocide of the civilians of East Pakistan in a telegram to the US State Department.

Report of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission, which was formed by Pakistan government, vividly pointed out massacre, rape and mass murder of Hindu people by the Pakistan Army personnel in East Pakistan. Pakistan did not disclose the report for many years.

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