A Vegan's Diary

A Vegan's Diary

A Vegan's Diary / Why I loved Anthony Bourdain

A few months ago, I was under fire for mourning a death. My favourite celebrity Anthony Bourdain had died. I fell in love with Bourdain in my 20s — long before I became a vegan or even a vegetarian, and long before I entered the field of animal welfare.

“Baby's right to choose”

My two year old nephew, who I hoped would grow up to be a vegetarian, if not vegan, is neither anymore. He started off on a good note with eating miso mashed potatoes and date brownies, but slowly he learned to *ask* for food.

Veganism and Ramadan

I “discovered” fasting at the age of 40. The number 40 has great significance throughout all the holy books. It represents transition or change; the concept of renewal; a new beginning and apparently has the power to lift a spiritual state. I felt rather special and “chosen” by this sudden change and decided to embrace the new me. The old me, who grew up in a very religious home, would be dragged out of bed to eat sehri at 3 am, go out during the day with