Tools for the low-maintenance makeuplover

All makeup brushes that fit in one fist

Makeup brushes come in big family of 8 to 20, all of which have actual use, and you will definitely get desired looks with the help of specific brushes, but of course, only if you care.

Girls who shy away from applying so much makeup do not actually need more than a handful of brushes. You basically need tools for your eyeshadows, blush and definitely the brows.

Are you even a makeup fan if you do not groom your brows in this part of the 21st century?

For concealers and foundation, you have your own helping hands. Just remember to dab it onto your needed spots and not to rub it like a lotion.

The right hand can go for the right side of the face, and the left hand for the left side. For the rest of the makeup, you could go two ways — either double sided brushes, or travel size brushes. And if you find double sided travel size brushes, would it not be a dream come true?

If you opt for double sided brushes, you can get them in two wands. A shade and define brush in one wand, and the blend and define in another.

The 'define' brush is thin and sometimes angled, this easily duals as a brow pomade applicator. If you want to replace one of the wands to pay more attention to your brows, get a double-sided brow wand with a spoolie on one side, and the product applicator on the other. For the cheeks, you can use the little spongy applicators that used to come with old school palettes. They work just fine.

And if you want to get individual wands in travel size, you should choose a pack according to the kind of makeup you have. And travel size means that each application wand should not be bigger than your finger.

If all you have are eyeshadows, a blush, and a dip brow pomade you would only need one brush for shading and blending. You can alter the use of one brush just by adjusting the amount of pressure you use to apply. And if you want to go brush free with blushes, use cream blushes that come in a roll-on stick.

If you agree with all of the above, you are a certified low maintenance makeup lover.


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