Tips to save your gadget

Can you recall an experience involving a cracked screen on your new smartphone or water spillage on your laptop that caused it to malfunction? Ever wondered how this could have been avoided by adopting some protective measures? If you have not, here are some hands-on tips on cleaning and caring for your electronic gadgets. 

Let's start with the basics. Buy protective casing. There is no point purchasing an expensive phone and leaving it open to scratches. These days, shops provide many designs of protective cases and covers that enhance the appearance of your tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Be it simple or full of bling, use your creativity and give your gadget a personal touch.

Most modern devices have advanced screen protection such as Gorilla Glass built in. It is a tough glass with high scratch resistance. However, materials such as sand, hard rocks or concrete can still damage your screen. Therefore, during a vacation by the beach or a mountain trail, an additional screen protector is a must.

Cleanliness also plays a vital role for your gadget. It is important to clean your device regularly using a special fluid and microfiber cloth to protect it from dirt, bugs or smudges.

If you have a habit of carrying your phone or tablets to the restroom, then this tip is specifically for you. Carrying your phone to the restroom involves the risk of water spillage. This can be very harmful since water is a perfect conductor thus causing short circuit of internal components. Wipe your device dry immediately to prevent moisture from seeping in. If you spill your beverage or drop your phone in water, get a bag of uncooked rice and submerge your device in it. The rice will extract the water before it causes any internal damage. 

Our lifestyle constantly demands us to go outdoors, leaving the comfort of our homes and exposing our gadgets to the relentless change in weather and temperature. Extreme heat or cold can cause irreparable damage to the components of your device. Sunlight, especially, can cause your gadget to melt and so must be effectively stored in suitable bags and casings, away from direct sunlight. 

Lastly, special care must go to batteries since it is the primary source of power for almost all devices. Always use the latest version of your battery and give your device some rest, when the warning sign is indicated showing the battery needs to be charged. If you are facing difficulty with your electronic devices, remember to bring it to an authorised centre. Cheap retail stores can do more damage than you know. 

As we move towards a more technologically advanced era, our gadgets continue to be an integral part of our daily lives, so do yourself a favour by looking out for them. Follow these simple tips and you are good to go. Better safe than sorry.



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