Style files / Fashion forward trends

Look for a fabric that breathes well yet it should have weight and body to aid your shaped structure. In Bangladesh there are not many choices in medium weight fabrics. Handlooms locally produced are generally light weight.

Style Files / Breathe easy

This week, Star Lifestyle presents Maheen Khan’s predictions for the coming festive days. With the weather humid and conditions becoming unbearable, with rain and sun teaming up to keep you on your toes, too much glamour is a recipe for a disaster.

Style Files / Going Bahamas!

Go Bahamas this season! Change your wardrobe to reflect the laid back attitude that Eid deprives us of, with everything set for either the utter messy or too prim and proper.

Style files / Keep your cool

Infuse the chic with the retro this Eid. Bring the swinging sixties back, when hippies reigned supreme and everyone aspired to be the hepcat as opposed to the mundane.

STYLE FILES / The treasured sari

A sari is an unstitched material and that exhibits a woven pattern. The woven design on a sari is placed in specific intervals following the three dimensional practiced wrap.


Colours play an important role in making your ensemble. The strongest colours are so defined that they are striking and these colours are powerful when set against each other.