special feature / The eternal juggle of work and family during pandemic

“For a working mother to be able to successfully blend and balance work and family lives, the key ingredients are planning, planning, and planning.

Faithful to the Oath

While so many of us are at home to ‘flatten the curve,’ or in other words, to reduce the spread of COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are fighting long, gruelling hours on the front lines.

Special feature / Lunch time mania

Clink and clatter, corporate conversations, and meaningful meetings – this is the scenario you can expect to see if you ever walk into a restaurant during lunch time, specifically in a commercial area.

special feature / The Turban Traveller

Sixty-year-old Amarjeet Singh Chawla (a.k.a. the Turban Traveller), is on a mission to travel across the globe by car — an epic road trip dedicated to Guru Nanak, founder of Sikhism.

special feature / The great hostess, on a budget

We all love to entertain. There are few things in life as delightful as having friends and family breaking bread together over light-hearted conversation. Bengalis are renowned foodies and our lives revolve around food, family, friends and fun.

Art films

From the definition provided at Art House (Definition), “Art house is a film genre which encompasses films where the content and style – often artistic or experimental – adhere with as little compromise as possible to the filmmakers’ personal artistic vision.”

Curries around the world

Growing up in an Asian home, we could not be more familiar with the sublime, yet chunky and mouth-watering curry. But while we devour our own form of this delicious dish, the world is enjoying a different version, recipe, and consistency in every corner.

Masks of Bangladesh

Trade and small-scale village fairs are gems that revive nostalgic memories of kites reaching for the skies, and Lalon hymns carrying harmonies through the air.

Another Falgun

On 7 May, 1954 the constituent assembly resolved with the Muslim League's support to grant official status to our language. Bangla was recognised as the second official language of Pakistan on 29 February, 1956. It words read “The state language of Pakistan shall be Urdu and Bengali."

TRESemmé Bangladesh Fashion Week 2019

February 23, 24 and 25 are set to witness one of the greatest days for Bangladeshi fashionistas —the TRESemmé Bangladesh Fashion Week, 2019 partnered by Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) at International Convention City Bashundhara, is expected to take place with a list of designers from all over the world, including our own local participants.

TRESemmé Bangladesh Fashion Week 2019: Who to look out for?

London, New York, Milan or India Fashion Week – you name it, we are in love with all these coveted fashion shows burning down fashion runways all over the world.

A tale woven in terracotta

Etched in the heritage of Bengal is a delicate artform that has been perfected over centuries.

For the love of burnt clay

The history of statues and sculptures is probably as old as the baking of household wares like pots, pans, jars, jugs and other utility products; or maybe the two are intertwined because, as the myth goes, the potters believe that when a pitcher was needed for Lord Shiva's marriage, he took a Rudraksha (Elaeocarpusganitrus) from his garland, and made an artisan to create pots.

Intercontinental Dhaka returns

After four long years of renovations, the Intercontinental Dhaka has finally opened its doors once again to the general mass.

He said!

He said, moments are made and they just do not happen. So with the power of freewill, everyone can write their own destiny, as long as they are willing to write it together without the other ever falling short.

Love at first flight!

Let's consider my next door neighbour who was certain that the lady who inboxed him randomly on Facebook, complimented his looks and eventually professed her undying love for him was his ladylove — the one who had been assigned, solely for 'him' by the gods in heaven.