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  • Tailor made to your taste!

    It is an interesting time for fashion in Dhaka right now. More and more people are becoming aware of their appearance, and there is a shift in perspective to that end.

  • From the farm

    Just about every neighbourhood has it; the huddle of people, especially in the early weekend mornings, making it impossible to miss, not to mention the acrid smell accompanied by the never disappearing blood stains- yes, it's the neighbourhood butcher shop we are so very used to.

  • Bye-Bye Crease

    The other day, I found myself in an unprecedented situation. I was being ogled at everywhere I set foot, be it on the streets, the mall, canteen, or even when I was presenting a paper on “16S r-RNA DNA Sequencing of Bacteria,” nobody could take their eyes off me... What a fantastic day it was; it tickled my ego!

  • Cradling that empty nest

    No matter how hard you prepare yourself for the inevitable beforehand--helping them pack their bags, or even sharing that last meal together at the table does not prepare you for the inevitable, until you see them walk away.

  • A Guide to Geriatric Home Care at SAJIDA Foundation

    A large portion of elderly people (defined by the World Health Organisation as 65 years old and above) in Bangladesh who are aged below 75 years are still capable of leading healthy and independent lives, as long as they are not already subject to any serious physical or mental illness. Many from the current older generation were

  • All about that summer glow

    Farhana Chaity is the next makeup artist to keep an eye out for, who although is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she works as a makeup artist for Feminine Magazine, does travel back and forth to Dhaka for work purposes.

  • Rugs galore

    Often used as a focal point of a room or simply to let our feet feel the plush when walking, rugs have been around for centuries, and not always in the manner seen today.

  • Gustatory tourism

    Call it 'Travelling for Food' or 'Culinary Tourism,' the meaning remains the same. Kashtan Habib, an advertising personnel, who loves food and travelling, weighs in on this by saying, “I guess these are all different terms for the same concept - food travel.

  • The Indigo Trail

    The tropical climate, riverine lands and lush soils were the most suitable conditions for indigo plants to grow in this deltaic part of the world. In Bengal, indigo farming began as early as the 18th century during the British colonial rule. Owing to the Industrial Revolution in the west that kicked off around 1750, the demand for indigo

  • Training like the Pros

    It's not just Ronaldo; every other football player will make you want to storm to the gym and start burning the layers of fat bulging out from every part of your skin,