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  • caption for travelling with friends

    Travelling with Friends

    Travelling with friends belonging to the same peer group has become a more common scenario now than ever before, especially for people who are in their late teens and early twenties. Yet, a lot of energy goes into the planning of these very small two or three days trips, owing to the many negotiations we have to take on with our parents. No matter how difficult it may be to actually get the permission to go, or

  • NeoCampers for the Junior Adventurers

    If you have already heard of The Base Camp, or have experienced it yourself, you'll be delighted to know that now there is a family friendly version of it called NeoCampers. NeoCampers is perfect for collaborative adventures for groups of families and field-trips from schools.

  • Food Journey in Bangladesh

    Bengali cuisine is considered easy to cook, with simple spices, and Bengalis take much pride in their food. Ask any Bengali on their cuisine, and invariably the description will include bhaat-macch (fish & rice), bhorta (mashed preparations), daal (lentil soup), shaak (leafy vegetables), narikel bata (coconut paste), shorshe-bata (mustard paste), posto-bata (poppy seed paste), shorsher tel (mustard oil), and

  • In luminance or brightness

    In an era absolutely dominated by bright shimmering colours, it may seem like a step backwards when black and white is put on the showcase. And yet, stunning monochrome front pages from the likes of Vogue, Oprah, and GQ have become more memorable than their colourful counterparts. Join us at Star Lifestyle this week as we explore the contemporary with our unique touch of black and white.

  • Dried herbs and spice mixes

    Novice or pro, you cannot even begin to cook unless your pantry is stocked with essential dried herbs and spices.

  • Taking danger out of the kitchen

    Growing up in Dhaka, or in any other part of Bangladesh for that matter, we have always seen our mothers and grandmothers cook up diverse delicious dishes rich in spices each telling an age-old different story.

  • How to breakfast

    How to breakfast!

    You've hit the snooze button on your alarm twice already, proving how difficult it is to get out of bed on winter mornings. But then the delicious smell of 'niramish' and 'chholar daal' comes wafting into your room.

  • Shades - Intervention

    Caught between constant revival and abeyance, eyewear has undoubtedly been in and out of focus for over the millennia, but somewhere amidst John Lennon's vintage rounds to Kate Winslet's thick-rimmed

  • Rena Effendi's Bangladeshi Weddings

    Rena Effendi came to Bangladesh as a part of the Vogue team and to capture the glitz, glamour, cultural and traditional values of the rural and urban weddings.

  • For the power in music

    Many scientific researchers have come to the conclusion that music is active inside the womb since the foetus starts to develop an auditory system between the weeks of 17 and 19.