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  • January-March 1971: The Dawning of a Fearless Fight for Freedom

    In the wake of the year of 1971, a silent uprising was surging in the agitated hearts of thousands of Bangalis residing in what was then East Pakistan. At that time, Dhaka was an indispensable (yet deemed abominable by West Pakistan) part of Pakistan. The epic win in the 1970 elections by the Awami League had ignited emotions of strength and unanimity but peace and independence were yet to be realized.

  • The portrait of an artist Ferdousi Priyabhashini

    The portrait of an artist

    How does one pay tribute to the lifetime achievements of an artist, especially when the iconoclast is Ferdousi Priyabhashini? Growing up in Khulna, a quaint town of the then East Pakistan, she once nurtured a passion for music. Her relinquished desire to become an exponent of Tagore gave Bangladesh one of its most revered sculptors.

  • Social Media: the new frontier

    It is difficult to imagine that the origins of social media are heavily intertwined with the purpose of matchmaking, specifically matrimonial sites.

  • The nine lives of bespoke fashion

    Rukhsanara Begum fondly remembers her college days in Habiganj, a time when she dextrously stitched her shalwar kameezes and

  • Women in art - the muse and the maker

    Too often, women are maligned by endless criticism, spiteful looks and aggressive jabs of a dysfunctional society. At the same time, on multiple occasions, they are revered as goddesses, mother, sister, wife and a friend you can always count on.

  • Travel in luxury or on a budget

    Choosing to travel in luxury is just another way to make sure that your time off in the wild, at a nature retreat or a just a different urban space runs as smoothly as possible. You can definitely experience the wonderful lightness that comes with taking a trip without the burdens of uncertainties. The option to take a luxury trip anywhere is likely a treat to oneself, and after hard hours of working and stressing over

  • caption for travelling with friends

    Travelling with Friends

    Travelling with friends belonging to the same peer group has become a more common scenario now than ever before, especially for people who are in their late teens and early twenties. Yet, a lot of energy goes into the planning of these very small two or three days trips, owing to the many negotiations we have to take on with our parents. No matter how difficult it may be to actually get the permission to go, or

  • NeoCampers for the Junior Adventurers

    If you have already heard of The Base Camp, or have experienced it yourself, you'll be delighted to know that now there is a family friendly version of it called NeoCampers. NeoCampers is perfect for collaborative adventures for groups of families and field-trips from schools.

  • Food Journey in Bangladesh

    Bengali cuisine is considered easy to cook, with simple spices, and Bengalis take much pride in their food. Ask any Bengali on their cuisine, and invariably the description will include bhaat-macch (fish & rice), bhorta (mashed preparations), daal (lentil soup), shaak (leafy vegetables), narikel bata (coconut paste), shorshe-bata (mustard paste), posto-bata (poppy seed paste), shorsher tel (mustard oil), and

  • In luminance or brightness

    In an era absolutely dominated by bright shimmering colours, it may seem like a step backwards when black and white is put on the showcase. And yet, stunning monochrome front pages from the likes of Vogue, Oprah, and GQ have become more memorable than their colourful counterparts. Join us at Star Lifestyle this week as we explore the contemporary with our unique touch of black and white.