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The Qurbani Eid tales

Eid-ul-Azha is a unique time of the year. On one hand, of course, is the religious aspect of it, where we commemorate the sacrifice prophets Ibrahim and Ismael was ready to make – an epic of a father and his son. And on the other, it is the whirlwind of festivities and the trade that surrounds this Eid.

The whole country seems to rise up to the occasion to meet the many demands of its numerous customers looking to buy their sacrificial animal.

With myriad stakeholders, or parties involved, this year, Star Lifestyle looks at three fascinating ones — the bittersweet tale of ordinary villagers farming cattle in their homes, the premium Mirkadim cows of Munshiganj, and finally, the fervour of adorning the cattle with various accessories!

Read on, as we walk through villages visiting cowsheds and then back to Dhaka to celebrate the glittery stuff of ornaments for the cattle.

Photo: LS Archive/Sazzad Ibne Sayed


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২০ মিনিট আগে|বিদ্যুৎ ও জ্বালানি

কয়লা সংকট: কয়েক সপ্তাহের জন্য বন্ধ হতে পারে পায়রা বিদ্যুৎকেন্দ্র

এক হাজার ৩২০ মেগাওয়াটের পায়রা তাপবিদ্যুৎ কেন্দ্র সমগ্র বরিশাল ও খুলনা এবং ঢাকার কিছু অংশের জন্য বিদ্যুতের নির্ভরযোগ্য উৎস।