shortcircuit / 2020: The future is still not here

Second, pat yourselves on the back that you do not have to fight against Skynet for your right to survive, as the nearest thing to A.I. is Google Assistant, and that fails to even set a reminder.

shortcircuit / One world one family

Let’s get one thing straight from the start; carbon dioxide is good for the planet— in moderation. In the same way that eating some Puran Dhaka’r kacchi is good sometimes, but if eaten every day, your days are numbered.

shortcircuit / Most influential gadgets of all time

Children growing up these days, or in fact, the early 2000’s, have had the wonderful opportunity to grow up with things that we, the so-called ‘Gen Next’ could only dream of, or see on TV. Where once it was amazingly cool to see a talking black car, that same feature is now so commonplace that it borders on sheer annoyance.

No one's home: the fabled privacy

How many good times can you think of that started with that exclamation alone? If the answer is many, well you are in the right place. If not, well, stick around anyway because why not read up on what you missed out on.