#reviews / Pen palling in 2021

I first came across the word pen pal when I was a student of 4th grade. There was a very clichéd letter in the syllabus which was about describing your country to a foreign pen friend.

TRESemmé Bangladesh Fashion Week 2020

Headlining the fashion show for the evening, was an exclusive line up on the first day, featuring popular media personalities like actresses Sunerah Binte Kamal and Masuma Rahman Nabila, news presenter Safina Ahmed Tory, and singer Xefer, gracing the ramp.

review / ‘And Then There Were None’- A premiere on Dhaka’s theatre stage

As a bookworm, I cannot tell you how incredibly happy it made me feel to finally see a favourite murder mystery on stage in Dhaka on the eve of 25 July, at the National Hall, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

Ridesharing roundups

With the increasing number of vehicles on the congested streets of Dhaka, getting from one point to another has become quite the struggle.

review / White Elegance at klubhaus

In this melee of the colours that weddings are, perhaps the best bet to truly stand out, especially as the guest or the best mate of the bride or groom, is by opting for the regal and classic white.

Zurhem sets summer on fire

The ambiance was befitting the label that is Zurhem. As the impeccably dressed A-list guests walked the red carpet, a dazzling BMW sign greeted the audience for what was one of the most anticipated fashion events of the season. The Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden poolside was transformed into a runway, seemingly straight from the settings of a '90s Miami show of one of the biggest names in the industry.

Making art mainstream

Galleri Kaya is set to celebrate their 15th anniversary through an exhibition featuring a selection of art works done between 1957 and 2019 by 43 modern and contemporary artists from Bangladesh and India, from 15 to 20 July, 2019.

The Little Ducklings Day care, preschool, and play zone

Parents nowadays have to worry about a lot, but most common is the issue of having someone to care for the child, especially during office hours, p articularly if both parents are working. Fortunately, that support can be in the form of a beautiful social venture known as ‘The Little Ducklings – Day Care, Preschool and Play Zone,’ launched in January, 2019.

Charcha: the quaint little book store

Walking down the seemingly random lanes of Mohammadpur, you don't expect anything but chaos. Charcha bookstore is a completely unexpected sight, almost a relief to the eyes as you stumble upon it while trying to dodge the unruly bike that nearly runs you over.

Dumplings of Fury for the hungry

Dumplings, sui mais and potstickers—call them whatever you want but they are all the current rage right now. Bringing to you the latest is Dumplings of Fury that offers an array of authentic Chinese dumplings.

One stop care with Mimosa organic solutions

Are you exhausted trying out a gazillion drugstore products that just don't seem to work? If you're someone with sensitive skin, the nightmare of finding the right skincare products that won't cause an allergic reaction is well-known.

Immerse yourself in luxury

Think sumptuous luxury, access to a swimming pool and gardens with long walkways, combined with your very own private golf session, the finest gourmet cuisine, and, possibly, the best team of staff to cater to your every need.

Royal treats at Amrit Restaurant

Drawing inspiration from pages of history, Restaurant Amrit has launched its new menu that is a representation of Mughal influences in our culinary traditions, with an emphasis on the famed “dumpakht.”

Garlic 'n Ginger: Multi cuisine redefined

Although it is hard finding places in the enormous Jamuna Future Park, Garlic 'n Ginger draws you in with its big letters on a wooden sign. It is a unique multicuisine restaurant with exceptional dishes, breath-taking interiors, and impeccable service. Garlic 'n Ginger started with a vision to become a local brand that can compete toe to toe with the foreign franchises in the country in terms of taste and quality. “We

Beautiful Anger exhibition by Rubina Akhter

Although a graduate from art college, Rubina Akhter was never really fond of painting. And yet, the artist in her found solace in strokes of bold colours every time she was faced with emotions too complex emotions for words. For the past twenty years, it has been art that has helped Rubina Akhter navigate her way through life. And soon enough, she found herself bemused with the huge stockpile of art that she had created over the years.

Comically Drawn-inspiring to be inspired

And let's not forget the merchandise, from posters to figures to custom art; nothing is too big or too small for the crowds of fans! Social media has made it easier to connect and showcase an individual's work, and Comically Drawn- a venture from Puja Sarkar, is already making the rounds in this virtual gallery. For its beginnings, Sarkar's own words are the best to relate, “It just happened.”