reader’s chit / The teachings of the events of Karbala

Imam Hussain (RA) stands tall among even the giants peppering Islam’s history, revered for his tenacity, indomitable spirit, and the ultimate sacrifice he and his people made. His spirit often provides inspiration to whenever people stand against tyranny, or even just to do the right thing.

100 days of solitude

Alas! It would never happen like before, and yet, it seems so real to be with him. He is my imaginative companion, who has no desire to be the last romantic of the century. Yet, I paid the biggest toll of my life by juxtaposing him with my locked down love.

reader’s chit / Zakat leading to Helper’s High

Have you ever experienced an intense feeling of happiness washing over you after performing an act of kindness? If yes, then you are one of those who have felt what psychologists call the Helper’s High, an uplifting feeling that helps the mind, body, and spirit.

Lives of Indir Thakruns

Perhaps life is best seen through the eyes of children and their unpolluted worldview; life is possibly best understood by the elderly with their not-so guiltless heart, and eyes that has seen rough facets of human existence.

So close yet so far

I could often imagine the anguish I might feel being away from my loved ones. Distance forces us to accept reality, but I could never imagine how it feels being so close, and yet be so far. Shared moments wrapped in laughter and sorrow shape a life, and those moments move into the rear-view mirror one day, where they can only be cherished afar.

Christmas in Atharogram

From the beginning of December, people clean their homes and decorate them. They trim trees and prune bushes. Horticulture enthusiasts often sow seeds of flowering plants in their courtyards.

Prithimpassa nawab bari mosque

We are what our heritage and history reveal. The richness tells about our mind-set and our perspective. Bangladesh’s history has gone through many stages and phases and has come to this point to where it stands today, and the landmarks we come across reveal and unfold our history and development narrative.

Workspace that Inspires

For many, work is their whole life, and because of that, our workspace is also where we spend most of our waking hours.

The importance of job satisfaction

Being dissatisfied with your job could lead to extreme stress and bring down the morale of the entire organisation. An increase in absenteeism and decrease in productivity are two major signs of dissatisfaction within the work environment.

Happy once again…

As she stepped outside, the sunshine made Laila squint, and she had to use her hands to block the light. Her tiny hands now felt

To my dearest Ninan,

I remember the days when TGIF was TGIT (thank God it’s Thursday), because every Thursday for me was a signal to pack my bags and

The march of a dreamer

As I sip my smoking hot coffee in the flickering light of the fireplace, looking out the window, I feel the incessant rain has almost turned bland for my imagination.

The probability of losing weight

With a long deep breath, and high hopes of something positive, she finally stepped up on the weighing scale, only to have her heart broken by what she saw on the screen.

Amber Autumn

Summer crawls into autumn, a slow but poised walk into a natural world different not solely in terms of weather. Mother Nature lays out the differences the season brings about in the colours of the sky, leaves, flowers, and even in the coats of wild birds and animals.

Eating out isn't that great!

Not having many sources of entertainment or spaces to simply relax lead us to one place and the only place we have free access to—restaurants! You want to hang out with friends, you want to go on a date, you want to meet up with family; all we do is find the most appropriate restaurant and make reservations.

Children and acts of giving

Many of us donate money, time, and belongings to good causes every year, and it is the least we can do for those who are less fortunate. However, acts of giving should not only be performed by adults, our children, too, should be taught about the importance of giving.