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The 2020 symmetry Your fortunes for the New Year

You know 2020 is slated to be something special. That number alone warrants a piece on its own. But do not go thinking that wishing anything random on your own will somehow make it happen. If you really want to know, just keep reading. And of course, Happy New Year!


Great news for the go-getter that is Aries. 2020 is ripe with opportunities for personal and professional success. But remember, the mantra for 2020 is family first.

Seems this year is your pot of gold as 2020 looks to be quite the lucky one for the house of ram. Expect buckets of opportunity to create something wonderful this year.

Do not get swept away with joy though, as this year should also be about bringing some much-needed security in your life. Finances need to be managed properly unless you want to end the year on a sour note.

If relationships were rocky the last couple of years, then expect some much-needed renewal for this year. Romances will be found in the weirdest of places. The start of it will be educational, but it should be smooth sailing from thereon. 

As for your career, expect loads of hard work and paying dues. On the bright side, those efforts will also be rewarded in 2020.


Looks like it will mostly be sunny skies and smooth sailing for the house of bull. Key word being mostly. This is also the year when some take-it-or-leave-it decisions need to be made, and running the other way is not an option.

Being impulsive is not advisable.

At the very least, prospects regarding money are all in the green. Keep up the performance you have put in since last year and that effort will be rewarded near the end of 2020. Just make sure to not slack off and the money will just keep on coming.

Put in some exercise to keep yourself healthy, both physically and mentally.

Your relationship this year should be all about communication. This could lead to both positive bonding, or negative separations, but it’s something you need to do nonetheless.


If you are willing to pace yourself, then 2020 can be quite the refreshing take for you. Use the time to tweak aspects of your life.

Expect a very intense year when it comes to romance, especially if the last year was a bit vanilla for your taste. But remember, it is the love and compassion that will make things better.

Matters regarding career is a bit scary. While career prospects seem bright, it is chock-full of stress, so find a way to manage that. Money is also another matter to keep an eye on, as unexpected expenses will leave you broke and sad.

The house of twins will be showered with luck, but sadly, not too many of you will be able to avail it to its fullest.


Change is coming, whether you like it or not. This is a year of awareness for you. Chances for improvement will come up, but whether you choose to act on it or not is the question. Keep an eye out for things that you would otherwise miss.

Be in touch with your emotions, and that will surely harmonise your relationships. Nothing good comes from playing stoic. If you are single, 2020 is a great year to find love, but figure out your partner before rushing to anything.

Rejoice, as your work will be peppered with unbridled creativity and innovation this year. Who knows, you might even get a chance to travel faraway. Unfortunately, matters of money are still quite spotty for the house of crab, because your spending habits are bad.


Put down those mirrors and start chasing that dream of yours, because 2020 has laid down the road for it. But just like any road, avoid taking the wrong turns, because you will end up wasting your opportunities.

Work opportunities are plenty, and career switching options are also viable options for you in 2020. However, managing money needs to be your number one priority.

On the plus side, your circle  of friends will see fresh new additions who will be of proper benefit to your life and overall wellbeing.

That being said though, 2020 is probably the worst year when it comes to romance for the house of lions. Be it a fresh new relationship, or an old one, expect tonnes of changes to come in, and not all of them will be good.


2020 will put those under the house of the virgin under a very unfamiliar spotlight. Throw aside what you think you know, and learn to roll with the punches. Think twice before engaging in any serious commitments.

Matters of romance have a chance of unravelling. Difficulties with your partner are very likely, with worst case scenario being that you are with the wrong person. If the romance was good last year, then avoid making any unnecessary changes this year.

If you have been hard at work for the past year, then 2020 is when you see the fruits of your labour. Do not make any drastic changes, and everything should go just fine. And the same goes for matters regarding money.


If you have been craving a break, rejoice as 2020 will take things on you. Responsibilities will be at an all-time low, meaning you can spend plenty of time wherever you desire, but make sure to spare some for family and loved ones.

If the house of scales faced any prior relationship troubles, then it’s in their best interest to sort things out, because once its done, there are no more bumps in the horizon. Just do not get carried away though!

As for work and career, take it easy and invest some time in your hobbies. Libran, you will have an urge to work more than normal this year. You will be busy, but at least you will enjoy every last bit of it. Matters of money will not be much of an issue either.


Every wall eventually crumbles, and so it is for the house of the goat and their very stubborn subjects. 2020 is all about finding your centre and achieving inner peace, because even the strongest willed can get tired of the rat race that is life. Once you achieve this peace, you will be able to utilise most of the opportunities that will be present in 2020.

If you have been in a relationship, this is the year to finally commit and settle down. And if you are single, a great place to start would be your circle of friends. Just try not to be too picky though.

2020 will not be a dramatic year for your career, but at the very least, there’s also nothing to worry about. If you want to make any advancements, save it for the end of the year. The financial front will also see investments made in the past come to fruition.


The house of scorpions can expect to ride the waves of positivity and freedom this 2020. Luck such as this does not come around often, so make the best of it.

If your love life has been on the rocks lately, this is the year to start with a clean slate. If you are already single, look for compatible options, but do act fast, otherwise you risk being left high and dry.

If your career does not incite excitement in you, well tough luck. 2020 does not look to be a good year for career swaps. So just power through, and better luck next year. At the very least, worries regarding money are nearly non-existent.


If this year was about travelling to the show, then 2020 is about putting on a show and proving your abilities, and shut your naysayers up. Expect to be at your creative peak this year, so make the most of it.

Unfortunately, things do not look too good for the house of the water-bearer when it comes to relationships. Friendships, romances, you name it, there will be losses in it. This is why opening up and communicating clearly will be so important to you this year. Also, scratch any wedding plans for 2020 if you have any. While career opportunities are aplenty, nearly all of them require your maximum effort, and the rewards for it will only be visible much later on.


If you are the type to make resolutions at the start of a new year, then good news, as most of the things you want just might happen for real in 2020. If you are carrying any past baggage, this is time to unload them and travel light. But remember, patience is key for the whole year.

Deal with any misunderstanding promptly and avoid getting into any direct confrontation. Take some time out to do some travelling, and that will bring about quite the revolution of the mind and soul.

Romance opportunities are great for the house of the archer. However, avoid looking back at old prospects and set your sights on the new.


Excitement seems to be front and centre for the house of fish in 2020. Be brave enough to keep an open mind and try new things and you will be rewarded with memories you will carry for the rest of your life.

You will be in a good place in life career-wise, so do not jeopardise it with impulsive decisions. That said, do not lay stagnant either, but make decisions with calculated risk for maximum rewards. For matters regarding finance, exercise control, and do not blow away money for superficial reasons. This has a chance of bringing you into debt.

Relationship luck is probably highest with you in 2020. But it will not be evident from the start. Love will arrive later on, in the most unusual of ways. Your social life will also be a boon.


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